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April 17, 2003 , let us always remember that day, the day of Philadelphia , cheap jordans an all-powerful "night" on this stop on his wings . He is Michael Jordan. His great , cheap jordans online I think he is not only an athletic basketball this project becomes a pleasing art and put it perfect interpretation of it, cheap air jordans but he kind of courage , the courage and responsible spirit .

Since 1986 the University of North Carolina from Jordan into the NBA, cheap jordan shoes he began to use their superior technology to conquer audiences around the world. cheap jordans for sale Numerous great shots in a memorable Finals Chicago Bulls and Utah Jazz 's last-minute shot.

The stadium was packed with a huge audience, the audience see very attentively , cheap real jordans and every moment came the earth-shattering cries . Then is time to stop on the court , each team coaches are against the clock to give the players what their confidential briefings ...... cheap retro jordans time is up, players have embarked field , and Jordan with his pair of piercing eyes looking at the big screen, thick lips and white teeth from time to time with the earth , and turn the eyeball has been , cheap jordans it is clear that he was chewing gum , and also trying to think about the problem. Moments later , cheap jordan shoes referee whistle , the Bulls frontcourt hair sideline ball , the Bulls all players, cheap jordans free shipping coaches desperately arranged according to the route moves , make every effort to want to " tear " on a neutral . But jazz is not a good gnaw on bones , not too many mistakes occur . At this point, Michael Jordan to come forward , cheap air jordan shoes received the three-point line in the vicinity of the ball , when he was defending Russell . jordans for cheap After Jordan paused for a second , suddenly rushed into the basket from the left side of Russell , it seems to be with lightning speed , flying layup . Russell quickly back on defense , jordans cheap the other players shrink to the basket , ready to defend . Just when it toward the bottom of the basket will be the outbreak of a Shijizhizhan , Jordan suddenly stopped behind the free-throw line , to show his amazing trip jumper . It was very sudden appearance , so that Russell fell to the ground , players are indifferent audience looked at him . cheap jordans for sale When the audience has not recovered, Jordan has been leaping high in the air , legs probably too tense muscles and stretched very tight, whole body floating to "hang" in the sky. cheap authentic jordans There are countless ` grain head sweat stay in that extremely smooth head, but also reflecting the bright lights , eyes tightly pegged to the basket, parted lips , tongue protruding outside the mouth . cheap jordans online Insisted the ball with both hands freely , not at all appear to be nervous. In this case, throwing the ball out of Jordan , the audience into a state of suffocation . The ball in the air to draw a beautiful arc , "shabu " slamming the ball into the audience greeted with cheers of fans , cheap jordan shoes online Bulls players excitedly hugged Jordan , because Jordan brought them victory .

Now " Get the lead out ," Jordan finally gave up stadium. cheap jordans outlet Since ancient times, passionate injury leave , Jordan reluctantly left the stadium. When he walked out of the stadium in Philadelphia , disappeared in front of the camera at that moment , that tall back , cheap jordans store what a wonderful dark body and gives aged footsteps , sad memories. Newton can not be a second world , the second Beethoven , not to be a second Michael Jordan ! Because Jordan in our minds will always be "unprecedented , and no latecomers ."